How goes it people? Back again for some documentary updates. After a long break, you all may expect some major updates, but being preoccupied with our other films and an extensively busy holiday vacation, we at CrabApple did much less than we wished. Friday (12/23), however, was a rather successful day of interviews as Phil, Erin, and Andrea, with guidance from the still amazing Tom DaSilva. Five interviews were done Friday, adding to the three Andrea and I did on Wednesday (12/21). Eight interviews of a possible 200-some alumni. It may seem as if we are not making progress, but after realizing how hard it is to track people down and find a time to interview them, progress is evident (in its own way). Adding to our progress, we have set up a permanent ‘studio’ for filming in Plimpton. I don’t want to be that guy and spoil the surprise, but it’s pretty awesome, that’s all I’ll say. Anyway, it’s first period on the first day of 2012, my mind is still full of Sugar Plums (shout out) from Christmas, I’m still tired from a late night New Year’s Eve, and am positive that half of the things I am saying are nonsense. I’ll leave you with a ‘more to come’ and let you know that today we divided up the years, and will begin our pursuit of Mr. Alan’s extensive Film Festival archive of a mind shortly.

Peace (non-political peace).  MattyJ

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